Everyone likes to see their children well dressed — in clothes that suit them, their personalities, their tastes, their sense of who they are. But in a world that still imagines girls are prettiest in pink and boys best suited to blue, it’s not easy finding your little ones the perfect clothes. That was the inspiration behind fearless & kind. To provide a range of casual clothes for kids who like to be out of uniform.

And once I started thinking about it, I knew that fearless & kind clothes couldn’t just look good. They would have to say something good, too. The designs wouldn’t just catch the eye. They would make a captive audience of it.

The message? Nothing too big or profound, but along the lines of this. The world we live in is increasingly mixed up — in a good way. I’m Indian by ethnicity, English by nationality, a New Zealander by choice. I don’t have to be Indian, or from England, or a New Zealander. I can be all three, and more! That’s the world I want for my children. One where they don’t have to be anything at all. One where they can be everything.

So that is the vision. Stylish, striking and funky. Crazy as a kitten. Chilled as a big dog. Fearless, but also kind.

And of course, in a world that seems happy to see so many children enslaved so that a very few can wear pretty clothes, sourcing my garments ethically was non-negotiable. Fearless and kind.

Natasha Fernandez
fearless & kind