I am a mother, a photographer, a writer, a singer and a shameless romantic. I live in a 1920s bungalow with a lovely big garden in Christchurch with my husband Kevin and my beautiful dancing daughter Brianna. The photographic, photocollage and digital collage images I create for Eliza's Dream are inspired by the passion and the romance of opera, great literature, fairy-tales and folklore, legends and Pre-Raphaelite art.

I have called this little creative enterprise of mine 'Eliza's Dream' because - as well as being my own middle name - I have always felt that Elizabeth was the name of my alter-ego, my 'bright twin', the one who can stride bravely into the world and do the things I am too full of fear to do. And, funnily enough, ever since I started working towards this dream - Eliza's Dream - I find myself slowly but surely having a go at some of those scary things - putting my work out there, reaching out to other creative people and making connections, experimenting with different ideas, asking for honest feedback about my latest creations, encouraging others. Small steps, but important ones. Joining the community here at Felt is part of that process - the process of coming home to myself.