Welcome to Elizabeth Jane's Collection of Artwork, Thank you for taking the time to Appreciate.

Hello there, I'm Elizabeth Jane.
My journey as an artist started when I was young. Every chance I had, I would draw or paint or spend time creating and that made me happy. As time went by and I grew up, I took all the art subjects - much to the headmasters distaste! - and dodged all the boring subjects but keeping a couple of important subjects. I graduated high school and jumped into marriage, and 14 years later we have 5 happy bouncy children who are all in school.
Naturally life got busy and my drawing got pushed aside, but as the children got older I was able to take it back up again and so I started with Ink Pens & I used these mostly in my early days. Instagram & Facebook helped my work get noticed and as my audience grew so did my self confidence. I completed a number of birds & Little bear designs & then my next mission was to make christmas cards. I wanted the receiver to open the card and hold a piece of New Zealand, and I achieved that with the Koru border art & inserting each bird into the design.
I'm sure other Artists can agree with me when I say getting your art into the world for the first time can be nerve wracking, and I was nervous at my first "Public Exposure" on a sat morning in a little suburb called Howick. That very first market boosted my moral in my heart and seeing how happy other people were when they saw my art fueled my passion to keep going.
3 years on and I am alot further than I was on day 1.
With over 25 Artworks that sell as prints in A4 & A3, Card range, Framed prints & Originals, I'm proud of how far I've come on my journey not just to create but to create something in my mind and transfer it onto paper for people to enjoy.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
I appreciate your support.

Yours Truely,
Elizabeth Jane Artist.

I attend the local market in Clevedon Village every Sunday morning from 10am to 2pm.
If you want to see works in progress & new ideas, you can find me on;

INSTAGRAM: elizabethjane_designs
FACEBOOK: Elizabeth Jane Designs