Creativity, imagination, and craft, have always been a big part of my life. One of my fondest early memories is of how my mum would buy me a Ladybird book whenever we did the fortnightly big shop. I loved those books so. I read them every night, pouring over all the whimsical detail in the illustrations.

In my household my mum and sisters were all pretty resourceful and creative. My mum and sisters sewed clothes, baked the best desserts ever, decorated, threw elaborate birthday parties and generally made everything at home pretty and fun.

When my first child was born I started sewing for the first time with help on hand from my sister. I caught the sewing bug almost instantly and have spent the better part of the last 10 years honing my skills, sewing primarily practical and decorative items for my family.

My sister and I started sewing and selling items at the markets and as a result Cuckoonest was born.

Our range of products are primarily designed with children in mind although adults alike have found an affinity with them. I like to think infused in all of our items is an underlying spirit of optimism, curiosity and sense of fun.

My hope is that these handcrafted play and decor items will be amongst a child's most fond as were my treasured fairytale books given to me by my dear mum.