Hi, welcome to Created Creative - I hope you're enjoying having a browse.

I have been a full time fibre artist now for 6 years (part time prior to that, as family permitted :-). My work is driven by a deep need to create and the belief that I am created to be creative in the image of the Creator! Creativity takes a multitude of forms and for me, textiles are where it's at. When I discovered that I could design and make my own textiles and textile sculptures out of wool and silk fibre - mind blown!

Looking after what has been created for us to enjoy is super important to me, which is why sustainability is a priority. All products are hand crafted in my studio in Franklin, Auckland using the best quality materials that I can lay my hands on and, where possible, I source locally made. All of the Merino Wool that I use is grown right here in New Zealand. Even the great quality frames that I put my art into are manufactured in Aotearoa. I love to buy New Zealand made and obviously you do too!

You can have a very quick peek at the felting process in this short time lapse video - (over an hour of work condensed into a few seconds...) https://vimeo.com/209168332