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Hi! Thank you for looking at my Cozy Felt shop.

In those places where I come from the ability to create clothes with their own hands and decorate it - this ability is not a fad, it isn’t a hobby. This is one way of survival.
I started to sew my own clothes about 11-years age. And it doesn't because I wanted a super-trendy things perfectly sitting on a figure, though it too not bad will agree. The main reason was that the clothes just needed.

My mother - a beautiful golden-hands woman - learned everything from her mother, my grandmother. My mum made into me the foundation what I can do. I still carefully keep knitted and embroidered works of my mum and grandma.
My mother knitted me skirts and sweaters, sewing summer dresses and winter coats (winter -20C was the norm). And you know, it was pretty neat quality stuff, which I used more than one season.
I remember that in high school I sewed everything for myself. My golden evening gown of chiffon and brocade on my prom night, this dress is also my handiwork.

I fell in love with wool and fleece as soon as I started using them in my craft. My first job was a purse that felted very thick, awkward and uneven. It took so much wool as would be enough for a small scarf. But I keep the purse to compare myself with myself and to remember to not stop due of errors.

I love the challenge of working with an uneven surface. Felt is very comfortable materials. Its flexibility allows me to me to achieve a rich variety of very pleasant to-touch wool textures.
I love the warmth and cosiness of soft NZ wool, natural fabrics, natural leather and suede, and I work only with them.

I'm doing what I really love to do and hopefully you will discover something interesting in my Cozy Felt shop.

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