Needle. Thread. Happy.

Hi, I’m Jo Campbell, and I’m a maker. I am my truest self when I have yarn, thread or fabric, between my fingers.

I have always been a maker, and I think even my I-sew-purely-for-functional-reasons mum saw the writing on the wall when, as a headstrong 10 year old, I insisted on spending my birthday money on embroidery thread just so that I could make things pretty with decorative stitches. I was able to afford all of 3 skeins, but those skeins held the same power over me as books…they were a gateway into new worlds!

I now own significantly more than 3 skeins, but the glee I experience whenever I get to make is still as strong as all those years ago. And these days I am lucky enough to spend my time immersed in textiles & creativity, designing clever embroidery kits that work for the modern maker, as well as teaching a range of textile arts. I am also an indie yarn dyer, in if you into all things yarn, you're welcome to have a peek at for gorgeous, complex colour ways on delicious luxury yarns.

I do all my work from my home-based studio, which includes designing and making up each embroidery kit, and hand dyeing every silk ribbon in my store (including those in the kits). Every skein is gently solar dried.

Clementine & Thread is my way of sharing the wonderful feeling that making invokes in me, with others.