Welcome to my Felt pages.

I make my paint from pigments found in New Zealand, mainly North Canterbury. I use them in my paintings because of their relation to place, or to a specific time - such as when I found the stone or rock, or it may have been a notable day, or maybe a souvenir.

I glean my pigments from many locations - a friend's place, the seashore, or the roadside where they will be swept away by the rain. Sometimes I travel many miles to find them, or I may serendipitously find them whilst on a walk. I only need a small amount of rock to make plenty of paint. Old house bricks make good paint, too!

I have been making paint since 2007, and if you visit my website there is more information on my artwork. I hope you will enjoy using these beautiful, delicate colours from New Zealand. I would love to hear your comments on the paints.