Hi. My name's Amy and I'm a Stitchaholic! I have a passion for making cute embroidery pieces to adorn your walls or shelves and each one is completely hand stitched and one of a kind.

I come from a Visual Merchandising and Design background and a recent redundancy has given me the push I need to get 'Cheese Before Bedtime' (aka cbb) up and running. This love of outfitting and styling still gets to come through in my stitched designs - it's really like mannequin dressing but on a much smaller (and craftier) scale!

Each piece has their own personality and no two are the same. Most pieces are based on photos or images that interest me which I stitch as outlines. I then decide on clothes, colours and accessories by stitching on various fabrics and embroidering on details. The finished piece is then wrapped over a frame to keep it strong, ready for your wall as an individual piece of art or to sit amongst friends.

I am currently not focusing on custom made pieces but may do so in the future.

I hope you enjoy my stitched creations as much as I do!

P.S. I will endeavour to list new pieces at least fortnightly so keep popping by for more designs.