All about me... hmmm...

Well, that's me in the photo on the left. I've been making my own jewellery for a while now, and I thought it was about time to see if I could make it a little bit more than a hobby, so at the end of 2010 I set up this shop. At the moment, while I wait for the job market to catch up with the fact that I've graduated, I spend my (abundant) free time wire-wrapping, seed-beading, painting, sorting, gluing and arranging my way to my next piece. If I don't become too attached to it, it goes here in the hope that one of you will like it as much as I do!

Long-term, it would be amazing to have premises where people can come and see my jewellery for themselves, and it's a dream of mine to use my social policy qualification in tandem with my jewellery-making to set up an initiative where women relying on welfare can come and learn jewellery-making skills and earn some income from selling their pieces in a collective shop... I think that's in the very long-term plan at the moment though. In the meantime, thanks for supporting my first shop!

Rebekah Early (Captivate)