I'm making treasures from the Lost, Broken and Forgotten. ~ Emilie xx

Emilie Berri Switchblade is the kind of artist who refuses to fit comfortably in a nice little box. She is a painter who has an eye for what is both lyrical and melancholic. A photographer with a magpie's appreciation for small and irresistable detail. She sketches and designs. She works with textiles and fabrics. She finds and salvages lost things and brings them to life again.Her Softies are quirky and irresistable. Her jewellery and accessiories look like they have been lifted from a Tim Burton set.

Emilie's work reflects a love of finding beauty even in shadows, linings beyond silver, and magic in everything. Her work is sometimes sophisticated and sometimes childlike, reflecting always a passion for presentinng a unique perspective.

The world according to Berri Switchblade has unexpected corners, plunging rabbit holes, forgotten treasures, and time for tea parties. In Emilie's world you find rich, vintage fabrics, nana's doilies, fresh ink and secret gardens. It's an art with a sweetness, and an edge you could cut your fingers on; you wont even mind the sting.

♣ Bio by novelist, Rachael Craw ♣