When lighting a Bright & Beautiful candle you can expect to enjoy both the fragrance it bring and the memories it evokes. The sense of smell has the ability to transfer you from those cold dreary winter days to the warmth and relaxed state of mind that come from holidaying in the tropics with the added bonus of being a lot cheaper than actually visiting the likes of Fiji... Id recommend Coconut & Lime for the tropical experience.

At Bright and Beautiful our ethos is to create beautifully presented handcrafted items that make the user feel like they're treating themselves, something as simple as a delightful fragrance through out your living space, be it at home or office can really feel like a treat & help to get you through the day.

Our luxury home fragrance range goes beyond candles, it includes soy melts, room sprays, reed diffusers and car diffusers. With a great selection of fragrances, there's something to suit everyone. Please feel free to make contact for fragrance suggestions or for special orders.

Many thanks,
Mellisa (the hands behind Bright & Beautiful)