My point of difference is that all my items are sewn by hand - there is not a machine in sight! People ask if I have strong hands - the answers is yes, and calloused fingers, but when you have the right technique and the right tools and love what you are doing, its easy.

Sewing leather by hand is painstaking and slow. Each hole has to be marked then the leather pierced with a diamond shaped awl, before making the stitch. With a needle at either end of the thread, the stitch is worked from side to side with the thread crossing over and knotting in the middle of the stitch which ensures that it can not come undone even if one stitch is cut, unlike machine stitching.

Working out of a small workshop in the beautiful little seaside town of Hampden, in Otago, New Zealand, I make one-of-a-kind and bespoke leather items using only traditional techniques, resulting in goods that will last a lifetime.

I love my craft and work on every piece individually, ensuring it is the best possible product that will stand the test of time, in terms of durability, functionality and design.

Using the best quality imported American vegetable tanned leather, waxed linen, or braided polyester thread, solid metal buckles, and employing traditional saddler’s techniques, Boulders Leather goods are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

I am a self-taught artisan, passionate about my craft and about preserving traditions. The majority of tools in my workshop are vintage tools that are as good today as they were when new. I endeavour to source the best quality leather and hardware for my products.

Every item has a lifetime guarantee on the hardware and sewing.