Hello & welcome.

Like many other artists, designers and makers I am drawn to the forms, textures and patterns of the natural world for inspiration. My background is in illustration and I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn stone carving whilst living in Devon.

Wall Art Process - I love to incorporate leaves, stalks, flowers and seed pods from the garden or windfall finds from bush walks into my designs. Shells found on local beaches and pieces of old jewellery are also used.
These found treasures are arranged into a design that is then pressed into clay leaving behind a very detailed impression. I make a cast from the design and create a mould by applying many layers of latex. Then finally I cast the design in concrete, sometimes highlighting the detail with paint. It is a lengthy but very enjoyable process with often surprising results.

Wall Sculpture Process - I also create latex moulds from my original stone, hand-carved designs and cast these in concrete, often adding coloured pigments to the mix and highlighting the detail on the finished piece with paint.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like more information about my wall art/sculptures.

Many thanks Sarah.