Why I love to create:

Everything, I think, in the Universe has burst into life from a Great Creative Force. It's the very nature, the essence, of everything. Human Beings are a vessel through which this creative force expresses itself, be it a baby or a building, a painting or a flower arrangement. All of it is this Force being expressed. It's as natural as breathing in and out.

And so, my creations are the fulfillment of the expression of Creative Force. It's not that my jewellery is unique, because the inspiration comes from already-created objects from others that have caught my eye, but rather an idea is seeded, incubates and gestates until it's time to give birth to it.

Just as DNA squares - remember those from primary school science class - give several combinations of individual features that make up a complete look, my creations can be plain and shy, or out there in your face and everything in between. It's always unexpected, and the ideas that insist on being manifested are the ones I bring to life. Just as the seed that falls to the fertile ground in perfect conditions can't help but burst out of itself and grow, so my creations come bursting through me...

What you see here is simply an expression of life from one seed.