I am Victoria Griffin, a graphic designer well-versed in the high science of making things pretty.

My style is a fusion of vintage and modern, hand drawn and digital. I am inspired by the simple aesthetic and bold use of colour seen in design from past eras; my resulting work is often contemporary with a vintage quirk. For my range of wonderful clients I create stunning logos, elegant print work and outstanding websites. I love translating their visions to the page and creating cohesive packages to promote any endeavour.

Dunedin is my hometown and I love the lifestyle I have here. My creativity doesn’t shut off at the end of my working day – I can be found painting, drawing, sewing, cooking and gardening in my spare time. Out of this endless urge to create my bell.n.whistle range was born, full of charming illustrations inspired by years gone by.
Please be in touch via the contact page if you have an enquiry or just want to say hi!