Hey there, my name is Becky I am a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Dunedin, NZ.

I have been a doodler my whole life. Never far from a pencil, I was hugely inspired by TV cartoons, choosing to quit dance class so I could stay home and watch Dragon Ball Z. In 2011 I graduated with Bachelor of Design from Otago Polytechnic.

I bring my colourful illustrations to life using a mix of watercolour, markers, colour pencil, and ink with a dash of Photoshop. My art is often inspired by 80s music videos, awkward moments, and daydreams.

I currently juggle freelance illustration and design work with raising my wonderfully weird two-year old who is a constant source of inspiration. I have illustrated two successful children's books, and have recently started working as an art facilitator, encouraging others to let go and access their creative side.

See more of my work here:

Instagram: @beckylazarevic