Ursy says "I learnt to sew when I was 8 or 9 years old, making shorts for my Granddad as a Christmas present.
I decided to start sewing again after the birth of my son, when I realised that there is just not that much quality boys clothing out there compared to girls.
Although I do make girls clothing as well I want to focus on clothing for boys and make something a little different, yet stylish and practical.
I love vintage fashion and have always searched for the gems in op-shops. I also love up-cycling and using vintage fabrics.
The name Bearberry came up when I was about to give up on a name. My name means little bear in Latin and I would have loved to use that, but as you can imagine it has been used a lot.
So I did a bit of research and found the Bearberry plant, also called Urva-ursi, apt as Ursi is my nickname. A perfect name for a kids-wear label as Bearberry is also a small plant.

I hope you like my creations.
I am happy to make to order."

Anna says "Ursy needed some encouragement to start selling her products and this is where I came in. She makes the clothes and I organise listings and shipping. Call it out-sourcing or just sisters helping sisters, but this explains why the clothes are made in Diamond Harbour but shipped from Cromwell!"