Hi, My name is Teri and I live on a farm 15km from the township of Milton in the South Island.

I am a self confessed 'dabbler'. I love to be busy all the time. I am always trying my hand at something, wether it be basket weaving, painting, or growing, mixing and experimenting with herbs.

My affair with bags began when I saw an article about a lady who did silkscreen on fabric bags. I thought it would be fun to have a 'dabble'. As soon as I made my first one, I lhad the bug! I see so many ideas in each swatch of material and can see these functional creations making a statement as the essential accessory. Every creation brings fresh excitement from conception of design to the final stitch.

I feel priviliged to be where I am, surrounded by natural bush, sea, fresh air, green land, unique flora and fauna and friendly people. How could anyone not feel inspired to create!!??