Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.

Hi there, thanks for popping over to read more of my story.

I find it hard to categorise myself as I tend to wear many hats! I have a design degree and 7 years experience in the fashion industry, I am a mother of two kids and now I am also a business owner.

I founded AVIVA out of a dis-satisfaction with the high wastage that occurs in the fashion industry. Rather than continuing to be part of the problem, I decided it was time to be part of the solution!

I began to make bags, wallets, scarves and home decor from high quality fabric off-cuts, second-hand clothing, vintage buttons and unwanted goods. I chose to call my brand AVIVA, as it is Hebrew for “renewal” and also contains my mum’s name, Viv. My goal is to design products that are gorgeous and on-trend, but have an enduring quality to them. Due to the upcycled nature of AVIVA products, items are one-off or limited production runs, making them unique and sought after. 

As time went on, I expanded the range to include magnets made from buttons, scrabble tiles and toy animals. These have been a huge hit with guys and girls, children and adults. I also love being able to offer personalised gifts for people.

I am committed to producing high quality, both in design and manufacture. Each piece is flawlessly finished with diligent attention to detail. It is my desire that AVIVA products will enhance the lives of those who come into contact with them.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see!