Paisley makes me smile and florals make me dance.

'Ello 'ello all! I'm Karyn, the do-it-all'er at asQ design.
(pronounced 'askew' - being my maiden name, great excuse too)

So blurb away:
After doing an enjoyable 3 years of fashion design I
discovered the joy of creating garments by the plenty. I've always had a mad crush on anything retro and vintage and these types of fabrics and prints became my obsession.
When my sister fell pregnant a few years back (actually, more like 12 years back!!) I thought I'd try out
some wee kiddies clothes for her, and, it turned me completely clucky. Couple
of minutes later and I was having a wee bairn of my own (exaggeration,
no offense to my darling husband) :) Thus beginning a new love for
little peoples clothing.. so so so so cute!! As I was
having a girl, and disliked most things pink and pastel, I figured I'd
turn my always growing retro fabric collection into items of
deliciousness for the children.
One thing that really turned me away from trying out the fashion
designer way of life.. was the endless re-creation of garments, all items
needing to be exactly the same. I wanted everything to be a one-off
item. So, by sticking to a couple of patterns, I can fulfill my
one-off-design dreams. I'm currently up to 600+ different pinafores
and counting! I source almost 50% of my fabrics from second hand
shops and trade me. It's like a drug when I find just a couple of
metres of darling fabric. I just need to cut and sew, cut and sew. I
mix these together with new fabrics too, I can't deny there are some
great prints out there in the big wide world.

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