On a quest for inspiration to make me feel warm and fuzzie inside

My love for Window Crystals started when I was young, I got my first one around the age of 10, it was beautiful. It had two hand painted purple dragon flies and one butterfly in the middle.
I have always had a soft spot for them and the rainbows they create.
You don't see them around these days so I decided to create my own interpretation of what I love.

I make Window Crystals purely for the warm fuzzies they give me, its such a pleasure bring happiness to peoples home lives- for some it goes beyond "something hanging in their window", its a feeling it gives you when you look at it or when you see the rainbows.

I strive to use glass, resin and gemstones where I can while making these wonderful rainbow makers.

I also do custom orders to your choice of colour and décor.
Contact me though my shop to discuss this.

Love, Light and lots of rainbows,

Asheka :)