Hey there, welcome to Anxiety Crafts – where crochet therapy meets creativity!

Picture this: a cosy corner filled with colourful yarn, a hook in hand, and a mind at ease. That's the essence of Anxiety Crafts, born from my love of crochet and a lifelong journey of wrangling anxiety.

Amigurumi, it's my jam. I don't stop there though. I'm all about spicing things up, diving into needle felting, beads, wire – you name it. Mixing and matching crafts is my thing.

Here's the scoop: I draw inspiration from amazing artists' patterns while sprinkling in my own custom designs and tweaks. From whimsical and quirky to intricately detailed pieces, there's something for everyone.

Oh, and custom crochet? Absolutely! I'm all ears for your ideas.
Material-wise, I'm a bit of a magpie. Give me acrylic, wool, alpaca, cotton – you name it, I'll use it. Soft, harsh, shiny, dull – I love them all.

So, come on in, have a look around and see what a hook and a ball of yarn can create!