<I absolutely love anything 'handmade' and think that everyone should buy handmade./>
I love doing bookbinding and working with paper, I also enjoy drawing and painting.
I love getting dressed up every day, even if I don't go out!
I love my darling children and my partner.
I love living in a little seaside village in New Zealand.
Family is extremely important to me.
I have the best Dad in the world!!
I love cheese and relish sandwiches and sushi.
I don't like chocolate...shock horror!!
I love the colour pink.
I love going to bed early with a book.
I love my little Pug dog 'Bart'.
I love to walk.
My friends are my world.
I love remembering all the wonderful times I had with my Grandparents.
I love to take pictures everyday, check out my flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ringaroundthemoon/