The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Mosaics & China Jewellery - and more...

Creativity is my life.

I receive great joy by dabbling in a variety of creative projects. Some of these will be listed here in time, however my first love is creating with beautiful china, whether it be in mosaic or a piece of jewellery.

I love the thrill of finding or being given unwanted or broken items and seeing the potential each piece has.
I love the process of transforming these pieces into beautiful things.
I love the connection that is made when a piece moves on to a new life with someone who understands.

* Beautiful piece. I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Your work is exceptional, Angela. Thank you.

* Totally rapt with purchase, Angela the seller is just lovely.

* Thank you very much for the lovely pendant! I'm sure there will be many admirers as I wear it, and ill be sure to tell them where to get one themselves :)

* Beautiful pendants :)