Hand made bags from upcycled billboards

With over 7 years in the printing industry and an interest to see less wasteful practises in production, I have designed a range of hand-made, versatile and fashionable Messenger and Tote bags that promote eco-friendly and affordable carry ware.
Having seen the amount of waste involved in the large format printing industry. I was determined to make use of what would otherwise be unwanted rubbish. I take the off cuts from the billboard printing process, damaged prints, unwanted billboards and use that material to create bags of many styles and uses. These hand-made bags are made of waterproof material and are strong enough to deal with the unpredictable Wellington weather.
Opting to use recycled materials where I can, the new parts of the bag are the durable straps and the strong velcro and thread to make sure that is as robust as it is attractive. My hope is that with this type of versatile product available to the public, accessorises like my bags will take the place of everyday carry ware and that it encourages a more sustainable way of accessorising.
By promoting the use of recycled material and creating a sustainable, fashionable and versatile range of bags, we can certainly make the old and used new again.
Why not look good while doing it?

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