"I've got to buy this for my mokopuna!" "Lots of things for sisters, too."

"little brother big brother" - quirky knits for colourful kids (and adults)

Hi! Come on and look ar the little brother big brother shop. We are super models for our nanna, who knits gorgeous things you can buy. Our Nanna is Bronwyn Angela White and she’s been knitting since her nanna taught her how. She used to knit for our mum when she was a kid, and she knits for us – and now, she knits for you!

Nanna says she gets bored easily so doesn't always stick to the pattern; she loves crazy colours and making up patterns of stitches and knitting one-of-a-kind clothes. She knits for grown-ups, too, and you can find hats and scarves and handbags in her "bronzart" shop here on Felt.

She said to also tell you she's making Fibre Artworks, and selling them as "Eclectic Yarn" - something about stitching stories... have a look, you might see what she means.