Our little Felt is growing up...

This year instead of making (and then breaking) a whole lot of new year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to make some changes to Felt instead.

We’ve listened to your feedback, we’ve done our research and we’re making some improvements that we think you’ll like. For starters, we’re tweaking the layout slightly. Trust us, it’s nothing too scary but it will mean we have the flexibility to add some new features, both now and in the future.

We’re doing our bit to make the internet a more beautiful place by making Felt brighter, sharper and generally more lush.

We’ve streamlined the checkout process and we’ve also added the ability to search by seller, making it easier for you to find what you want. But wait.. there’s more! Once you’ve got your wishlist narrowed down, you’ll now be able to link to Twitter and Facebook so you can be sure your friends and family know exactly what you want for your birthday this year.

So when are these changes coming? Patience, people, patience - we’re almost there. We just know not everyone likes surprises so we wanted to give you time to say good-bye to old Felt, before new Felt comes along.

We’ll have an update for you next week.



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