Three Original Kiwi Log Flares

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Pack of three! 3 x the fun and economical shipping!

The easiest, fastest, cleanest, and safest wood fire you will ever enjoy!

Made right here in New Zealand from 100% NZ grown wood!

You probably haven't seen fire in this way before. Here is what makes these so different:

These log flares burn on the inside, being their own chimney with an air intake on the side near the bottom - the chimney effect fans the flames that come out of the top.

This is the only real wood fire that can give you warmth and comfort within three minutes of you deciding that you want a fire, without having to gather or prepare any wood; that can be put out equally fast with some sand or dirt; that burns with nearly no sparks for a very long time; that won't leave any trace at all if you put it out before it burns through to the outside of the flare; and that you can take with you and light again another day!

A "canadian candle", while it shares some features with the Kiwi Log Flare, can't do any of those things for you.

This is the easiest real wood fire you'll ever enjoy.

Roast some marshmallows, bury a flare in the sand and create a volcano with real fire, put four nails in the top and put a pot on to boil a cuppa or cook a meal, or just watch the chimney effect do its thing and enjoy how the fire changes the shape of the flare over time, with the chimney slowly getting wider and eventually the fire making it to the outside.

Very easy to light. Just throw a few thin sticks or half a dozen matches in and light through the air intake hole on the side near the bottom. A few pieces of a firelighter cube work well too. You can use a little toilet paper with canola oil as well.

The flares burn only on the inside for quite a long time at first, then eventually burn through to the outside. Total burn time is usually slightly under two hours.

Almost entirely spark free while only burning on the inside - that's usually at least half an hour, and up to an hour, depending on wind and other factors.

Very easy to put out with a bit of sand or even a lid - when put out in that way while only burning on the inside, these can be relit too.

Also a nice way to start a camp fire - once the flare breaks open, just add more firewood - or just pile small pieces of wood around and on top of the flare to its flame ignites it.

Also safe to store long term in your house, bach, or the trunk of your car for disaster preparedness or just a spontaneous little camp fire. A quick roasted marshmallow break by the roadside, at the beach, or in the garden suddenly is an actual option!

Obviously only use these flares outdoors and far enough away from anything flammable. We often put these on an old oven tray that rests on a couple of bricks in the middle of the lawn, works great.

There are many more cool things about these flares, it doesn't all fit into this little box here, so while lighting these is really simple, I'm including instructions with tips and tricks and cool things you can do with these, so you will get the most out of yours!

Grown, made, and enjoyed in New Zealand.

A very cool way to experience fire.

Questions, ask!

Have a beautiful day!

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