Upcoming changes

May 2017: Leisure & Activities category revamp

Leisure & Activities is being restructured to better accommodate the types of listings in this section, and improve usability. Sellers who have listings here will be notified of this update by email.

Recent updates

12 May 2017: Weddings category restructure

We have restructured the Weddings category to improve usability and make browsing more intuitive. There are a number of changes, including:

•   renaming some categories to better reflect their contents
•   relocating lower level categories according to object rather than context
•   removal of redundant categories

We've taken care to minimise changes to your listings, however, a small number of listings have been moved during this process. If you have items in the Weddings category, please check to ensure that you're happy with where they are placed. If you notice anything unusual or have any questions, please contact us.