What shipping options can I offer?

You can specify your shipping options based on postage types within New Zealand and by overseas country. You can also offer free standard shipping within New Zealand.

Combined shipping

On multiple purchases from one seller, Felt automatically combines shipping options to present the simplest options for the buyer. If your shipping options are consistent across all of your listings, then those are the options the buyer can choose from. Felt will take the item with the most expensive shipping as the base shipping rate, and add the "cost with another item" price for each other item. This also applies to purchases of more than one of the same item.

If the shipping options on your listings are different, Felt will do its best to combine them and offer the buyer a choice between cheapest and fastest shipping.

In both cases as many shipping options as possible will be combined using the "cost with another item" prices.

For example:

You have two items for sale with the following shipping options. (Combined shipping rates are in brackets.)

Item One
Standard post $2 ($1)
Courier post $8 ($3)

Item Two
Standard post $4 ($2)
Courier post $7 ($3)

When purchased together, Felt offers your customer the following shipping options:

"$11 Courier post within NZ" – Item One Courier post $8, combined with Item Two Courier post with another item price ($3)
"$5 Standard post within NZ" – Item Two Standard post $4, combined with Item One Standard post with another item price ($1)

If you have any more questions please contact us.