What happens when I sell something?

When you sell an item on Felt it will appear on your sales page, which can be accessed from the sales link at the top of any page or by going to My Account » Items I've Sold (under Shop). The sales page for your sale contains the buyer's shipping details and any notes they've made for you. You will also receive an email notification email from Felt containing the same details.

Felt uses a tabbed pages system for sales, purchases and listing management. This is invaluable for keeping tabs (sorry!) on your Felt shop.

The sales page tabs provide a means for you to check off the steps between point of sale, payment, shipping and feedback. As you mark each step of the process as complete, your sale is moved into the next tab.

Your customer can see this too: their purchase page reflects this process instantaneously. For example, when you receive your customer’s payment and click “payment confirmed”, your customer will see a note on their purchase page showing that you have confirmed receipt of payment, and the date you’ve done so.

Remember, do not send your product to the buyer until you have received payment from them.

If you have any questions about a sale please contact us.


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