How does Felt promote my shop?

Felt operates as a marketplace, to supply makers with the tools to market and sell their products directly online. We promote Felt through various avenues such as show, fairs and maker events, online via social media, and in print advertising.

We also encourage sellers to market their shop using their Felt sub-domain ( You can link to it from your blog or social media pages and print it on your business cards, labels and packaging. Felt's most successful sellers do a lot of promotion themselves.

Felt newsletters

We send a monthly newsletter to Felt's mailing list, showcasing outstanding products, promoting new listings and featuring seasonal themes.

Social media

Felt uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for online promotion. Use Felt hashtags for a response or a signal boost from us:


Showcases, features and gift guides

We select items to use in showcases, features and gift guides based on quality and originality, image quality and suitability for the themes we have in mind. If you have a product you'd like to bring to our attention, contact us.

Advertising opportunities

Felt offers various advertising opportunities throughout the year, in which you can purchase a spot and feature an image of one of their products with your Felt shop address. We are always reviewing advertising options and welcome suggestions or feedback.

If you have any questions about how Felt promotes your shop, please contact us.


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