How do people find my shop?

When you sign up on Felt, you automatically receive a Felt address which you are free to use to send customers directly to your shop. Your address consists of your username followed by the Felt domain name; e.g. if your username is “overcast”, your shop address is “”.

If you don’t have your own website, your Felt sub-domain gives you all the advantages without the cost and hassle of building your own site. In fact, in some ways it’s even better, because you get free marketing and referrals into the bargain.

Even if you have your own website, you can link to Felt using this address and use Felt as your online shop, with the advantage that you reach a much wider market without adding to your marketing costs.

If you have any questions about promoting your shop using your subdomain, please contact us.


How to make the most of your Felt address

• include your Felt address on your business card and stationery

• add a link to your Felt shop to your email signature

• link to your Felt shop from your website or blog using Felt referral buttons

• use a rubber stamp or sticker to add your Felt address to packaging for shipping

• include a link to your Felt shop on your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest