Selling on Felt

Felt is designed to offer an online outlet for New Zealand makers and designers that's accessible and simple to use. Starting up a shop is easy – just sign up, click "sell" and follow the step-by-step process to list your products. If you can't find the information you're after, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team.


Setting up shop

What can I sell on Felt?

Are items on Felt moderated?

Your account and fees »

I already have an account – can I use it as a shop?

How do I set up my shop?

Can I customise my shop?

What payment options can I offer?

Using Paypal to receive payments »

What shipping options can I offer?

How do I list an item?

What format should my photos be in?

Can I have more than one shop?

Can I link to my website?



How do I edit a listing?

Can I withdraw a listing?

Can I put my shop on hold?

What happens when I sell something?

How do I contact a buyer?

How do I place feedback for a customer?

Using voucher codes »


Tips and troubleshooting

Adult themes and explicit language »

Why has my image turned sideways?

Can I change my shop name?

I haven't received payment – what should I do?


Being seen on Felt

How do people find my shop?

How does Felt promote my shop?

How can I promote my shop?

Can I become a featured seller?

How are showcases and gift guides selected?

What's on the front page?

How do I create a showcase?

How can I talk to other sellers?

Can I advertise with Felt?

Where else can I connect with Felt?