In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday September 4th, many people's minds turned to how they could help out. This response was no different among those of the Felt community, and as Canterbury reeled, Felt sellers around the country leapt into action.

FeltAid is a ‘pop-up’ relief fundraising shop – the culmination of an entire crafty minded community's desire to help out the best way they know how: by getting their craft on for Christchurch and giving you the chance to help out too! Treat yourself, your mum, your best friend ...or tick a few things off your Christmas list – it's your opportunity to indulge in a little handmade shopping and help out the good folk of Canterbury at the same time.

Clockwise from top left: Morepork Collage, donated by Native Creative; Floral Fabric Brooch, donated by Riverbed; Miss Olivia Handpainted Doll, donated by A Little Vintage; Tart Teacup, donated by Trixie Delicious.

All proceeds from FeltAid sales will be donated to the Red Cross Canterbury Appeal to help Christchurch rebuild. Artists, crafters and designers from around New Zealand and beyond have donated their beautiful handmade creations to raise funds for Canterbury.

If you've been asking yourself what you can do to help, here's something small that could make a big difference: spread the word about FeltAid by forwarding this email to your friends and family.


give Christchurch a "handmade hand"

Buy handmade from the FeltAid shop before October 31 and all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Canterbury Appeal!

making a donation

If you're a maker and would like to make a difference, find out how you can contribute your creations on the FeltAid blog, Felt like helping out.

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Happy shopping,

on behalf of Sarah & Ana, FeltAid organisers.