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Mobile-friendly listing process from Friday 1 May

This Friday 1 May, we’re releasing the exciting final phase of mobile friendly Felt: the listing process. Felt may be briefly offline between 9.30 and 10am on Friday as we go live with the update. Next time you visit Felt to list something new, or edit an existing listing, you’ll be able to do it from your phone or tablet, and you get to take these shiny new tools for a spin!

We’re sorry for being absent!

Monday mornings are hard enough without your favourite website disappearing! Unfortunately our week got off to a rough start with Felt’s host server crashing early on Monday morning, leaving us offline for several hours and causing a bit of a go-slow on Felt when we did get it back. I know it’s really been frustrating for many of you, and I’m very sorry for any excess stress it has caused.

Happy Christmas and thank you from Felt!

Happy Christmas and thank you from Felt!

Since Felt began I have finished up every year feeling grateful and amazed by the support and general loveliness of the Felt community. This year, as we’ve faced challenges I never imagined I’d need in my business plan, it has meant a great deal more than ever before. Thank you for continuing to support Felt and for making it such an awesome community to be part of!

From Friday 23 December until Wednesday 4 January the Felt team will be enjoying a bit of time off. Enquiries during this time will be answered, but please note that we may take up to 48 hours to respond. Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a fabulous year in 2012!

Happy New Year!

After a wee bit of a break, I’ve returned refreshed to prod the Felt blog back into action. I hope you had a relaxing Christmas and a fabulous start to 2011! Any crafty New Year’s resolutions made? Did you receive any fabulous handmade gifts forRead more »