shop promotion

Top tips to promote your Felt shop

It can be uncomfortable to talk yourself up, but when you promote your Felt shop, you’re also encouraging your customers to shop local, support small businesses, and invest in local creativity. Visitors to Felt often purchase from more than one seller, so promoting your Felt shop not only increases your own sales and profile, but pays it forward to other makers in the community. Everybody wins!

Promotion tip #1: Use your Felt shop address

Felt exists to help each of us make the most of all of our promotions. We all benefit from any traffic to each other’s Felt shops, so tying our individual promotional work back to our Felt shops gives each of us a much better chance of success that any of us going it alone. This blog post gives an overview how you can make the most of your Felt shop address, as part of our Ten tips to promote your Felt shop series.