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Baby’s got sole

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

We think these handcrafted baby hightop boxing boots by Finnbear are pretty gosh-darned cute. Soft, flexible, and colourful, they’re perfect for little growing feet while looking super cute at the same time!

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Introducing Felt Babies & Children emails

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

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Capped Sleeve Cardigan in Grey Marl by Mum of Twins
Reversible Fabric Headband "Circus Animal" by Sew Mama
I Spy Bag - Colourful Geometric by The Makery
Wooden Blocks by Oh Deer and Co


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The perfect gift for a new arrival

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Is there a new arrival on the way in your family, or the family someone you know?

Hazy Prints Studio has come up with the perfect gift – the My Story Baby Book. This sweet publication combines a journal to record those precious memories with a set of their popular kraft milestone cards to cut out as needed. With 52 pages, there’s heaps of room to include photos, stories and memories too.

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For the kids: handmade gifts to treasure on Felt

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

There’s nothing quite like handmade gifts for the little people in your life – they have heart and soul that mass produced toys just can’t compete with. Check out the cute and colourful creations for children we’ve gathered together in our Christmas Gift Guide and Catalogue.



Lead image Vintage blanket bears by Zippitydoodah | 1. Chunky chalkboard blocks by Peterson Woodcraft | 2. Heirloom cloth Susie doll by Claire Leblonde Design | 3. Felt egg and toast set by Two Magpies | 4. Wooden toy lawnmower/walker by Needle and nail | 5. Giraffe softie by Re:created | 6. Wooden play castle by Woodbotherer | End image (below) Hand carved traditional rocking horse by Woodcarver


How to make a well-stuffed stocking

Friday, December 12th, 2014

For youngsters (and the young at heart) the stocking is one of the most anticipated traditions of Christmas. While usually stuffed with goodies that are small in size and in monetary value, a Christmas stocking packs a big punch in terms of surprise and delight. So if you’re helping Santa out this year, we’ve picked out some perfect little surprises for the wee ones on Christmas morning.


Historically stockings are filled with toys, sweets, fruit or coins (or, for the naughty, a lump of coal). At Felt we’ve collected a gorgeous sleigh-full of traditional and not-so-traditional goodies to help you create stockings that are packed with handcrafted delights.

So, to whip up a superbly stuffed stocking…

1. The essential housing

It pays to start with one sturdy and capacious Christmas hosiery item. Our clever makers have come up with a stocking to suit everyone.

2. The basic ingredients

An orange or a clementine is traditional – or you could nip to the dairy for a 50c mixture or sherbet dab – whatever’s fashionable in your neck of the woods.


3. The personalised flavourings

Add something to catch your little one’s imagination – are they builders or imaginers? Performers or adventurers? This is the flavouring that really makes the stocking for them.


4. The garnish

Finish it off with a sweet decoration or a spicy topping, and leave it to rest overnight – if your young recipient can wait that long!

Take a wander though the Felt Christmas Gift Guide’s collection of Fabulous Stocking Fillers, and check them out in our Christmas Catalogue on Issuu too – you couldn’t make a happier handmade Christmas morning.


Fab gifts for kids

Monday, December 1st, 2014

There’s nothing quite like handmade gifts for the little people in your life – they have heart and soul that mass produced toys just can’t compete with. Just take a peek at our amazing collection of cute, colourful and original handcrafted creations for kids – you’ll be just as enchanted as your tamariki.


We’ve got everything from cute and cuddly to boisterous and bouncy!



Gifts to fuel the imagination…

…and explore the world. Active kids will love these pressies:


And of course no bedtime would be complete without a cuddly companion (or several!) and a good book.


When picking out gifts for kids this Christmas, think handmade, think imaginative and think original – and get something great from our awesome range of New Zealand made gifts for children. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Gift Guide and Christmas Catalogue on Issuu for the rest of the whanau too!


Gorgeous handmade gifts for kids

Friday, December 6th, 2013

There’s nothing quite like handmade gifts for the little people in your life – they have heart and soul that mass produced toys just can’t compete with. Check out these cute and colourful creations for kids, just a few of the lovely gifts for kids in the Felt Christmas Gift Guide.

We’ve got lovely textile toys and tees…

… gifts that fire the imagination for all ages…

… and some beautiful handcrafted wooden delights. Take a wander in New Zealand’s best handcrafted toyshop, the Gifts for Kids page of the Felt Christmas Gift Guide, and make it magical Christmas for the children.

Measuring up

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

When I was a youngster both my brother and I had gorgeous growth charts on which our heights were (ir)regularly measured and duly recorded. That being in the 1970s, our charts were printed on a homely linen and featured folksy animals in memorable 70s colours.

Recently my mother found my brother’s one (I’m not sure where mine’s got to) and I had a laugh looking at my now 6ft brother’s youthful milestones, as well as recalling details about our childhood rooms and treasures that I’d long forgotten about.

It made me realise that a growth chart is a really lovely aide-mémoire of childhood days, both for parents and their grown-up kids – and I was rather glad our progress was recorded on these rather than with the traditional pencil marks on the back of the kitchen door! (After all, you can’t really roll up and keep that door, can you?)

Wondering if the growth chart was still a childhood mainstay, I took a wander through Felt’s babies’ and kids’ decor section and found some gorgeous examples, in quite different and appealing styles.

Whichever you choose for your little ones, they’re bound to treasure these handcrafted, artistic pieces. Best get started before they grow too tall!

Christmas gifts for the little ones from Felt

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Christmas is all about family – and there’s nothing quite like handmade gifts for the youngest family members. A handmade present has a heart, soul and originality that mass produced toys just can’t compete with. So of course our Christmas Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without a whole section devoted to gifts for kids and babies. Check out some of the cute and colourful creations we’ve gathered together.
galleryBoard games are always a hit in the holidays and we love the idea of this nature-themed board game in a bag from Mararoa, that packs up easily for summer evenings at the bach. While we’re on the nature theme, Tinch’s whimsical magnetic wallscapes are a great interactive artwork to engage young minds.

Willoughby the Whale from Oh!me is a good sort of chap, who will get along swimmingly with any youngster. And we’re not out of ideas yet – here’s another selection of lovely treasures that are sure to fire any child’s imagination.
galleryAnd who couldn’t be taken with this beautiful set of soft and lightweight bowling pins and ball from Izzy Bee Baby, sure to delight the little ones.

Our talented craftspeople and makers have thought of every sort of gift, from tiny stocking-fillers to elaborate settings for imaginative play. Rather like this amazing tree stump fairy house from Wood Botherer. And who doesn’t love a good dolls’ house – even if we’re not-so-little kids anymore?

For even more suggestions to inspire smiles on Christmas morning, check out Gifts for Kids and Babies in the Christmas Gift Guide.