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Plant now for spring

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

If you love a spring feast of broad beans, now’s the time to get planting – and Big Bunny has a colourful new treat for bean fans!

Red Hughy broad beans have stunning scarlet flowers instead of the more usual white – a gorgeous splash of colour in the spring vege bed, and just as productive as more traditional varieties.

Why not interplant them with white-flowering Coles Dwarf for a candy-striped effect? :-)

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Get your Red Hughys from Big Bunny now »


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Five ways to gratify a gardener this Christmas

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Got a gardener on your Christmas shopping list? We’ve picked you our top-five bunch of garden-inspired goodies to appeal to green fingered friends and whanau.


1. An arty garden

Bring the handmade goodness outdoors! We have something to suit every gardener in our range of garden art and ornaments.


2. The seed of a good idea

Seeds, seed saver envelopes and plant markers all make great little gifts to hang on the tree or stuff in a stocking…


3. Bring the garden inside

A bit of plant life inside is good for body and soul. How about one of these stylish hanging planters? Or perhaps you could adorn the walls with some beautiful botanical art



4. How about garden-inspired jewellery?

Every garden goddess can do with a bit of bling after a day of carting compost or digging spuds. Make them feel glam again with a beautiful piece of jewellery, inspired by things green and growing.

5. …and make sure they get some pampering too.

Al the end of the day every gardener needs to look after their skin and rest their bones. We have just the thing…



Whatever species of gardener you know and love, you’ll find something to delight them on our Gifts for Gardeners page – it’s a hotbed of inspiring goodies! There’s lots more to choose from in our Christmas Gift Guide for other loved ones too, so have a browse – and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Catalogue on Issuu too!


In the garden

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

It’s that time of year – when the place to be is the garden: plants to be planted, weeds to be weeded… never fear, we’ve got some crafty ideas to get your garden looking gorgeous this spring.

We’re loving these stylish planters and garden seats from Ecco Furniture – gardening seems like a much more relaxing prospect already!


Of course you’ll need some plants too – check out Big Bunny’s range of seeds to get your garden growing.


Need more planters? How about these ones from Piyo and Iron Planter – there’s something to suit every garden.



Finally, after a long day’s gardening your green thumbs will probably need some TLC. Ambrosia Botanicals’ gardener’s creme, made from only the best cold-pressed olive oil, unbleached beeswax, lanolin, purified water, and essential oil of Rose Geranium is just the ticket.


Happy gardening everyone and enjoy the warmer weather! Don’t forget to check out our gardens and outdoors section for more great homegrown garden must-haves.

Last of the summer sun

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Last week in the south we got a rough reminder that winter is on the way, however the sun is out again this week and the temperature has bounced back dramatically, giving us hopes of a bit more balmy weather before we snuggle down into hibernation.

With that in mind we went looking for a few ways to enjoy these precious warm days, and found some lovely ideas for all the family.


We’ve got some great play tents for the kids, or how about sending them racing round the yard on their very own good old-fashioned hobby horse? (We think that colourful hobby horse Lexi, below, is just gorgeous!) We can even supply the perfect accessory for the young Robin Hood or Maid Marion – a clever children’s bow from toymaker Woodbotherer which fires harmless paper straws – brilliant!

Green-fingered garden fiends will love this practical gardener’s caddy from Bounce, designed to fit a standard plastic bucket – how clever is that? And if you’re heading further afield for some tramping and bushwalking, we recommend you don’t leave home without a copy of Felt favourite Fast and Light‘s book of tramping recipes and food options.



Finally, what can beat a relaxed meal on the deck with family and friends? This rustic outdoor table from Touchwood should seat the whole tribe. Make sure you grab the last of those light evenings while you can!


Summer in the garden

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Whether you like to work or play in the garden, this summer is proving to be a great one to get out there – and we have all sorts of goodies to help you make your garden a great place to be.



Whether you’re young or young at heart, a green-fingered garden goddess or a barbeque king, there’s something for every garden denizen in our gardens and greenery section.

Gifts for Gardeners

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Is there somebody green-fingered on your Christmas list? Gardeners are just the people to appreciate gorgeous handmade gifts, so we’ve picked out some blooming lovely gift ideas for gardeners to help you pick something perfect.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1 Happy Holidays Garland by MJ Books | 2 Spring Tree Necklace – Rimu Pendant by Supervery | 3 In the Shadows – 8×8 Fine Art Photograph by Susannah | 4 Bellbird by Poetry and Cloth | 5 Half-The-Garden Chair by Grey St Studio | 6 Vintage Bee Hairclip by Art Divine | 7 Lavender Floral Pendant by Natalie-Anne | 8 Constable’s Trees Brooch by Poozler | 9 Trembleuse Sterling Silver Earrings by Fireworks

Check out Gifts for Gardeners for the full selection or visit the Felt Christmas Gift Guide for heaps of other handmade gift ideas!

Green-fingered gifts for gardeners

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

1 Green Wonder Salve by Green Blessings | 2 Mosaic Koru by Stella | 3 Black
Lily Brooch by Black Swan Designs
| 4 Hanging Koru Paddle by Furnis Studio
5 Shine on Me Lily Necklace by Jaded Seas | 6 Seashore Stainless Wall Art by
| 7 Lavender Handcream – 60gm by Lavender | 8 Concrete Koru by Ms
| 9 Joyful Jonquil by Supervery

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