friday finds

Friday finds

Friday finds: Here at Felt HQ we see a lovely range of practical and artistic work from our talented Aotearoa community every week. Celebrate our local makers and designers with this week’s fabulous Felt finds…

Friday Finds

Friday finds: We’re nearly through level four, team – what a fantastic effort! ❤️ Here at Felt, we’re still seeing all sorts of lovely goodies from our creative Kiwi community. We reckon you’ve earned a nice afternoon tea break while you check out our fabulous Friday finds…

Friday finds

Friday finds: Sending out the love to all those in our team of five million. ❤️ Here in our distributed “Felt HQ” bubbles, we’re seeing lots of ways to feed your creativity, thought up by our awesome community of Aotearoa makers just for you. Take a look at this week’s selection of fabulous Felt finds, all available in electronic form so you can get crafting now!