Grow and thrive: the seeds of a creative lifestyle

For 15 years, Felt has provided a place for Kiwi makers, designers, artists, and craftspeople to pursue their passion and grow their businesses – and if you’ve ever thought about making and selling your own products, it may be the place for you too.

As you browse Felt, you’re seeing the work of hundreds of creative Kiwis, each promoting their own work independently, but working together in a supportive community. Have you ever wondered how someone takes that first step into selling their work on Felt?

Meet the Felt team

Felt is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and run by a dedicated team of four: Lucy, Marcel, Jo, and Blake. For Felt’s birthday, the team stepped out from behind the website to answer some questions about what they do, why they do it, and what it’s like to work on Felt.

An epic way to shop

We’re celebrating 15 years of Felt this month! Since 2007, we’ve been providing thousands of New Zealand makers with a platform to connect with customers and thrive. To mark the occasion, we’re taking a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come and enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

15 facts about Felt

For Felt’s 15th birthday, we’re taking a little peek behind the scenes and finding out the important stuff. What is the story behind Felt’s name? Where, exactly, does Felt reside? What do two chickens and an Irish Wolfhound have to do with anything? Here’s 15 facts you might not know about Felt.

An ancient art in modern hands: the beautiful felted work of Fibrefusion

Whanganui fibre artist Tina Schurhammer’s interest in felting is part of a lifelong exploration of crafting and creative techniques. She was introduced to felting in her thirties and is now passionate about the ancient art of felt making – producing attractive and practical everyday objects as well as beautiful works of art in her Felt shop Fibrefusion. Crafting in sustainable materials fits both with her environmental beliefs and with the organic nature of her work.

Felt, buttons, ribbons and thread: the makings of a hand-stitched Christmas

Felt, buttons, ribbons and thread: the makings of a hand-stitched Christmas

Christmas decoration aficionado Michelle Beagle of Ms Michelley is happiest when stitching – and every one of her cute creations brings a smile to her face. She says she has been lucky enough to be surrounded by very clever creative people all her life, and what she produces now is the outcome of all they have taught her…