Beautiful textiles for every day: the fabric of a life-long love

Adrienne Mulqueen of Adrienne’s Loom has been weaving since 1979. She loved it from the moment she threw her first weft, immediately feeling she wanted to do nothing else but weave. Life has taken her in different directions over the years but it has now allowed her to return to her looms. Adrienne is passionate about producing textiles that people will enjoy using – she’d really rather you didn’t tuck her creations away for “best”!

Featured Seller: Natale

Dunedin is not the first place that springs to mind as a likely source of Scandinavian style Christmas decorations with a philosophy inspired by Italian food, but in fact it is exactly where you will find Natale. In between a full time job and bee keeping on the side, Mel Adams is creating decorations with heart, to bring a little more joy to your Christmas.

Featured Seller: Honey and Spice

From a little riverside cottage in Otago, Rosie Riley creates beautiful batches of the boutique soap that her shop Honey and Spice is known for. Rosie’s passion for soap-making has inspired her to build her craft into a literal cottage industry, and she can often be seen among local markets with her brightly coloured wooden barrow laden in luscious soaps, in full Victorian swing.

Featured Seller: Gilt and Envy

Gilt and Envy is the collection of Dunedin-based painter and illustrator Andy McCready. Andy’s distinctive pieces pop up in exhibitions around New Zealand, including at several shows at Pixel Ink Gallery in Wellington and most recently at joint exhibition Belligerence and Bubblegum in Dunedin, at which sponsorship from a hair salon gave her the chance to bring the girls in her paintings to life.