classes and workshops

The joy of playing with mud: bringing healing and connection through ceramics

Clae is an innovative ceramics concept thought up by artistic sister-duo Tatyanna Meharry and Natasha English. Through Clae, budding creatives can try their hand at pottery and other arts with classes, kitsets, and beautiful tools and accessories. Tatyanna is currently at the helm of Clae, sharing her love of clay as a medium, the power of making as a healing balm, and the joy of a beautiful new studio space.

Let’s Have a Cuppa!

Kia ora tea drinkers! Conceived in a time of crisis to celebrate and support New Zealand potters, Let’s Have a Cuppa is a nationwide, lockdown-endorsed event for makers to get together, in the COVID-19 sense of the word. Anyone can take part – it’s your chance to share in creativity and togetherness online through inspiring videos, tutorials, conversations, and of course, through the soothing act of drinking tea out of a thoughtfully handmade cup.