Featured Seller: Kaye Bustin

Ceramicist Kaye Bustin lives and works from her home in Waikanae Beach, Wellington, creating mini artworks inspired by the intricacies of seedpods and sea shells. Her simple designs draw on her experiences living in India and reflect a fascination with tiny treasures collected from New Zealand beaches and native bush.

Emerging from disaster


Ceramics artist Gillian Weavers of Mudbird is making the best of a bad situation. Her Woolston property, like so many in Christchurch, has taken a hammering in the recent earthquakes. Silt flooded her property in February and again in June, swamping her garage and damaging her kiln. However, Gillian isn’t one to be put off by a spate of natural disasters. She took the silt and made it into something beautiful.

Featured Seller: Mudbird NZ

Gillian Weavers started her ceramics business, MudbirdNZ, on Felt in October last year. Since then she has featured at three markets in her hometown of Christchurch and is becoming a regular at local craft events. Trained as a professional photographer, Gill was born into a creative family and is now passing her crafty skills on to her three children.