The Little Purple Artist

Dressed in black reclaimed leather, my rustic, weathered coat is sure to inspire. Intricate stitching with purple linen thread adorns my coat in a swirling pattern from front to back. Open me up, and you’ll find I begin & end with snippets of hand-aged batik style decorative paper in blue & cream hues. In between, I’m filled with 36 sheets of purple-stained paper to write your little secrets or mantras.

Alice in Wonderland

This year Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (often called simply Alice in Wonderland) turns 150 years old. We take a look at the inspiration this engaging children’s book has provided Felt’s makers…

Taking note

Hi, my name is Jo and I’m a notebook addict. I have notebooks in every room of the house, in every coat pocket and in every bag. They contain my plots and schemes, my dreams, my shopping lists and my to-do lists. They archive my house plans and garden plans, clothing designs and random doodles. They are a patchwork image of my brain, drawn in biro.