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Awesome December prizedraw offer from Nick Duval-Smith

Heads up! Do you love bronze sculpture? Or coffee, perhaps? Take a look at this great offer from Nick Duval Smith, creator of the wonderful, tactile and ever-popular bronze coffee beans we’ve been delighted to host on Felt for years. Every Baby Bean purchased this month from Nick gives you a chance to win a set of his superb Moving Mountains, worth $575! Yep, just buy a Baby Bean and you’re in to win.

A clear choice for fabulous Christmas gifts

These gorgeous fused glass dinky dishes from Clarity Glass are perfect beside the bed or kitchen sink. Each dish contains a heart of silver foil, fused between a layer of coloured glass and transparent glass. Because the silver stretches during fusing, it can develop subtle cracks. Exposure to air can also cause the silver to change colour to more of a gold tone, so no two dishes will ever emerge from the kiln completely alike!

A school of rainbow fishies…

These gorgeous fused glass fish from Clarity Glass are available in a rainbow of vibrant colours. They are easily mounted on a wall, and because they are offset from the wall they cast colourful shadows if the light hits them. Each fish is slightly different, and has been fused at a lower temperature to retain the texture of the patterns, gill and lateral line. The eye is a fused glass bead – some are iridescent and some are dichroic. Most of the fins are a shimmering iridescent glass.