Sounds Crafty: ROY G and the BIVinators

ROY G and the BIVinators

ROY G and the BIVinators are led by the multi-talented Maz Hermon, whose roles include those of drummer, lead guitarist and vocalist, audio engineer and illustrator for their debut album The Rainbow Throw. Joining Maz on the stage you’re likely to find many of Wellington’s eclectic, talented and well known musicians playing a lively mix of soul, folk and funk. Maz and Sunni shared their take on the craft scene – read the full story here.

Sounds Crafty is a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs, published throughout New Zealand Music Month. So far featuring Julia Deans, Urbantramper, Hikoikoi, Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Forbidden Joe and Mea Grenell in 2010, and previously featuring artists such as Minuit’s Ruth Carr, Nathan King, The Twitch’s Fleur Jack, singer/songwriter Flip Grater and Hera, Sounds Crafty brings rhythm and craft together and finds out what NZ musos make of it all.

Which Kiwi muso secretly likes lacy coat hangers? Which singer’s favourite handmade gift was a sparkly handpainted telephone? These intriguing questions and more will be answered on Felt during the month of May. Stayed tuned!