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Join New Zealand's online marketplace for locally made goods, designed to enable Kiwi makers, producers, designers, artists and craftspeople to promote and sell their work in a supportive environment.

  • No monthly fees Top up and pay as you go
  • Personalised Your own shop address
  • Flexible List as much or as little as you like
  • Supportive A friendly, local team that's happy to help
  • Homegrown New Zealand owned and operated 

Low risk and affordable

Whether you have an established business or you're venturing into selling your work for the first time, Felt offers an easy platform to reach new customers and be found online – without breaking the bank. 

High profile

With more than a million visits annually, and tens of thousands subscribed to Felt social media and mailing lists, we've built a strong, supportive community and loyal following over 15 years of promoting New Zealand makers. 

 Local, connected and committed

We're dedicated to raising the profile of New Zealand makers and designers, adding value to Kiwi made products, and engaging with our community. We love what we do and, believe in what you do. 

What our sellers say

Felt has been there from the start of my business eight years ago, they have helped me grow to be fill time making my own designs. I feel so blessed.

Having an online store on Felt has allowed me to reach a much wider community of people with my message about repurposing, reusing and thinking about our precious resources, than just selling through galleries and retail stores alone would have.

Ronja Schipper

Felt has helped me find an artistic voice with which to share my creations. It is a stunning platform and I encourage many other creators to use it!

Sally-Mae Hudson

How Felt works


Make something. Whether it's clothing or toys, food, furniture or fishing flies, if it's designed or made by you, you can sell it on Felt.


Sign up, set up shop, and list your creations. With no monthly fees, you just top up and pay as you go – it's only 50 cents to list an item for four months! A small commission applies when the item sells.


You get your very own Felt web address to promote your shop via social media, business cards, email, markets  – wherever you would use a website address.


When someone buys your product, Felt sends you the order, your customer pays you directly, and you send their purchase to them. Simple!

Frequently asked questions

What can I sell on Felt?
If you created it and you live in New Zealand, you can sell it on Felt. Items listed on Felt must be made, produced, or designed by you.
Learn more »

How much does it cost to sell on Felt?
A listing costs 50 cents and lasts for four months. To list your item in extra categories costs an additional 30 cents per category. When your item sells, Felt takes a small commission. Learn more »

Can I sell on Felt from outside NZ?
No, Felt is only for New Zealand sellers. But if you see something you like, you can buy it from anywhere in the world! Learn more »

How does Felt promote my work?
As well as general visibility within the Felt marketplace, Felt creates gift guides and catalogues, promotes products through social media and email marketing channels, and offers a range of opportunities for sellers to advertise, collaborate, exhibit, and market their workLearn more »

What happens when I make a sale?
When someone buys your product, Felt sends you an email notification of their order, your customer pays you directly, and you send their purchase to them. Simple! Learn more »

How do people find my shop?
You get your very own Felt shop address to send customers directly to your products. You can use this to promote your shop on social media, business cards – wherever you would use a website address. Learn more »

Each year, more than one million shoppers visit Felt looking for beautifully crafted items like yours, and Felt exists to help them find you!