What’s on the front page?

Felt’s homepage contains a number of regularly updated showcases and features:

Daily showcase

At the top of the homepage you’ll find our daily showcase, which changes every weekday and is handpicked by the Felt team. Items in this showcase are chosen on the basis of quality, originality and image quality, as well as themes we have in mind.

Featured seller

Beneath the current general blog post feature you’ll find an image and link to our current featured seller blog post. Featured seller posts appear on the homepage for a fortnight and are archived on the Felt blog permanently. When we select a seller to feature, we do so on the basis of the quality of their products, whether they have an interesting handmade process, and the quality of their photographs.

Fresh on Felt

The Fresh on Felt showcase links to a weekly blog post featuring all our new sellers that week.

Top selling

The Top Selling showcase gives a pat on the back to our top sellers from the last 72 hours. Top sellers are those who have the highest value or volume of sales over the preceding 72 hour period. In the Top Selling section we only show one item per seller. This is the most recently listed item from that seller, so it is possible for the same seller to appear (briefly) in both recently listed and top selling.

Recently listed

Recently Listed shows the same things that you would see on the browse/recently listed page. Whenever a new listing is paid for on Felt it shows up in Recently Listed. Just like Top Selling, we only show one item per seller.

If you have any questions about the Felt home page, please contact us.